About Bether Encapsulates

Bether Encapsulates is a Limited Liability company that specializes in Encapsulation. Our experience includes many of the major encapsulation technologies such as spray-drying, (double) emulsions and (co)acervation. Moreover, we offer a proprietary encapsulation technology based on encapsulation inside microbubbles. A technology that offers an unprecedented combination of barrier properties and controlled release.

We work in different areas such as pharmaceutics, food and chemistry. Examples include the taste-masking of drugs, the controlled delivery of drugs, the triggered release of chemical crosslinkers in coatings and boosting flavors.   

We look forward to finding the solution to your problem in any of the above fields.

Contact us at:

Tel:  +31 6 10 3719 91

Mail: albert.poortinga@bether-encapsulates.nl

Address: L.J. Zielstraweg 2, 9713 GX Groningen, The Netherlands


Bether Encapsulates gratefully acknowledges grants by the Dutch organization for scientific research - applied sciences domain (STW) and by the Northern Netherlands Provinces alliance (SNN)